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Why should you run your first marathon in your hometown?


Sooner or later every amature runner faces the question of participation in a marathon. It is an absolutely logical process as the marathon can summarize the long months of training and demonstrate the result of your efforts. However, it is not easy to muster up courage to participate in this sports competition – it requires a lot of work and determination, discipline in trainings and proper nutrition. However, it is easier to say yes when a marathon is held in your city. The 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City is less than a month away, so now is the time to make the decision. We talked to Larysa Hetman-Hnidunets, an active participant of many races, and found out reasons to run your first marathon in your hometown.


Larysa started her marathon experience in Kyiv and was so inspired that right away she started preparing for a marathon in Rome. Then there was New York, Paris, Chicago and London. She plans to run three more marathons and get a unique medal as the first woman from Ukraine who finished all 6 marathons of the World Marathon Majors series. This series includes the biggest marathons of the world – Tokio, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York marathons. The final prize for the top places in the marathons of this series amounts to 500,000 USD, and amateur athletes get a unique award for participation in all marathons of the series (it is not so easy to become a participant as the number of applicants greatly exceeds the number of available slots).


Different countries have their own marathon advantages, but Larysa recommends to run your first marathon in your hometown, and here is why:


1) It is cheap

This can be the determining factor for many amateurs. Participation in world marathons in Rome or New York costs a large sum of money, which includes both entry fee as well as travelling expenses, accomodations, food. If this is your first time, you just want to test yourself and find a cheap way to do it. When you run a marathon in your home country, you pay only for participation, and the cost of participation in Kyiv is a lot lower than the cost of European events. For example, entry fee in Rome is between 55 and 110 euro while in Kyiv it is from 25 to 40 euro without additional expenses. And you worry less – even if it didn’t work they way you hoped it would, you gained invaluable experience for little money.


2) Easy preparation – easy race.

Many athletes, even the most experienced runners, face difficulties in preparation for the marathon. Especially two days before the race. If you are at home, you can devote yourself to proper rest, nutrition, warmup, while in a foreign country any detail can change the outcome. For example, you need to find familiar food and a place to train before the race. Even an uncomfortable bed in your hotel room can prevent you from getting enough rest and demonstrating good results.

We should also mention acclimatization. It is not always easy to deal with a jet lag and adjust to the new time zone. You are likely to have a few sleepless nights. And if you are traveling to a different climate zone, your body may feel not as good as always. That is why professional athletes come to marathons at least a week before the race to have time to adjust. Then again, it requires extra time and money.


3) It is always your winning ticket

Just imagine, there are so many people wanting to participate in the world marathons that they even have special lotteries where athletes from around the world hope to get a chance to participate in the event. And you are winning simply a chance to pay money for participation. You don’t need to go through this ordeal back home. You simply register and run. What can be easier and better? Afterall, running is what matters, isn’t it?


4) You are your own steward

When you are at home, you can try the route in advance, discover its challenges and work through them. It is a great advantage for an amateur, which adds to his confidence. As to the route in Kyiv, it is perfect for the first attempt. If you were able to finish it, you can be sure you will conquer all other marathons and can move on to international competitions.


5) The audience is roaring

This is one of the key factors contributing to the successful finish. When you are running and getting very tired, of course you start thinking that probably you need to finish the marathon, drop the race and try again some other time. But the support of your friends and loved ones helps you move on and finish what you have started. So you pull yourself together and keep running to the loud cheering of your friends.


There are many more reasons to run the first marathon in your hometown, but the main reason is that it doesn’t leave laziness a chance. That is why Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon is perfect for you. You made a decision, registered and started running. No thinking, everything pushes you towards your goal. And you can’t say that you don’t have enough money, time or chance to train. There is only you and your goal. And then, after you finish and tiredly walk down the streets of your home city catching admiring glances of passers by, then you realize that you have achieved your goal and have proven yourself what you are worth!