Kyiv City Marathon is back! Yes, yes, the legendary Kyiv Marathon from Run Ukraine.

This year, on October 1, thousands of runners in the heart of Kyiv offline and in other countries online will take to the streets of their cities, demonstrating the Indomitable spirit, the power of Unity and Honor to those who gave their lives for Ukraine.

Kyiv Unbroken Marathon will be held on October 1 on Trukhaniv Island in Kyiv (if there is martial law in Ukraine). Traditionally, the event will have a charitable component.

All details later.

We will open registration at the end of June, so start preparing for the 2023 main launch now. After all, a marathon is a serious distance that requires thorough basic and special training.

We train, take care of ourselves, help our neighbors and donate to the Armed Forces 💙💛

*No airline company is a partner of this event.