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TOP locations for running in Kyiv


Every marathon or half marathon requires thorough preparation. It is best to work with a coach to correct the running technique and find out your strength and weaknesses under professional supervision. This way you would be able to avoid injuries and other problems due to uneducated approach. However, your own work is vitally important for your training. We would like to share with you the list of the most popular and most interesting locations for running in Kyiv, so that you could improve your skills and enjoy the city at the same time.

On October 7 Kyiv will host 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon, and you would get a chance to demonstrate the result of your regular jogging.


Mariiinskyi Park

Road surface: tracks, blacktop

Terrain: plain

The most central location of the city with special tracks and a fountain. Remember that the park usually has a lot of visitors during daytime and in the evenings, so it is better to plan a jog here early in the morning. You can extend your route and run across the Lovers’ Bridge to the Puppet Theatre. Besides, you can also use stairs for additional power and cardiac workout. If you would like to try out a part of our October marathon route, turn to the Parkova Alley and imagine yourself a marathon runner.


Spivoche Pole

Road surface: tracks, blacktop

Terrain: moderate hills, plain

There is another interesting location in the center of Kyiv. Because of its remote location, it is not overly popular. Lots of open air and field tracks for those who do not like blacktop surface. This place often hosts flower exhibitions, so you can also enjoy the pleasing aroma during your run.



Trukhaniv Island and Volodymyrska Hill

Surface: tracks, blacktop, sand

Length of the route: unlimited

Terrain: plain, mountainous

You can map your route in numerous ways. For example, you can start at Yevropeiska Square and go down the hill enjoying the view of Dnipro river. It is especially beautiful at night, when city night illumination is turned on. Then run past the Magdeburg Law pillar at Volodymyrska Hill, down to the Pedestrian Bridge, cross the river to Trukhaniv island and continue you run at the beach. Another option – turn to Poshtova Square and cross it towards the bridge. In both cases you can finish your training with taking a dip in the Dnipro river. This adds a special romance to an evening jog. Besides, this route would make you into ⅔ of a triathlete. If we could present awards, Trukhaniv island would win the competition as it is very popular among runners – flat shady blacktop track from Pedestrian to the Pivnichnyi Bridge is very attractive. You will always find fellow runners on the island.



Poshtova and Kontraktova Squares

Surface: blacktop

Terrain: plain

This part of the city is mostly urban with blacktop surface, the routes go along the pedestrian sidewalks. If you are running in summertime, it is best to plan your jogs for early mornings, when the city is not filled with cars and the blacktop is still cool from the night. You can start at Poshtova Square and continue through Sahaidachnoho street, which is closed for traffic, then turn to Andriiivskyi descent and go to Verkhnii and Nyzhnii Vals through Vozdvyzhenska street. Do not focus only on what is in front of you, look around, because this part of Kyiv is filled with architectural sights. You can turn to smaller streets and change your route every time, This way your jogging would also bring you esthetic satisfaction. The route has a lot of intersections and stop lights, so be prepared for inevitable breaks.


Hryshko Botanical Garden

Surface: blacktop, tracks, soil

Terrain: moderate mountainous

This location is beautiful any time of the year, but it is especially magical in spring and summertime, when it is filled with various colors and floral smells. You can run along blacktop tracks or choose remote soil trails. Since the terrain is not plain, this place is perfect for working on running up and down the slopes. If you get to the top of the mountain in the central part of the garden, you will see a breathtaking view to Paton Bridge and the Dnipro River. It is especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Runners are always welcome there, so if you are wearing a running uniform, they would let you go for a run in the morning or in the evening free of charge (admission fee is 50 UAH).


Obolonska Embankment and Natalka Park

Surface: blacktop tracks

Terrain: plain

The route goes along the Dnipro river and ends at Natalka park, which is perfect if you would like to finish your jog with complex power training or do some yoga on the grass. This route is the most beautiful at sunrise. There are many beaches along the route, so you can finish you run with swimming.


Solomianskyi Park

Surface: tracks, soil

Terrain: plain, moderate mountainous

Activists have recently started working on cleaning the park, so it is getting more beautiful and comfortable. There are plain surfaces as well as small hills, which is perfect for working on loads and proper breathing. There are also stairs in the park, so you can pretend to be Rocky Balboa and prepare for a big fight. There are a few stadiums nearby, so you can even set up a sprint.


Babyn Yar Park

Surface: tracks, soil

Terrain: plain

Because of its history, this location is not overly popular among runners. However, it is specious and  not crowded. You can extend your route to Syretskyi Park or go deeper into Kurenivka along Telihy street. Besides, you can cross the road and map your route through the park with the TV tower.


«Syretskyi Hai» Park (Dubky)

Surface: tracks, soil

Terrain: plain

The route goes in a circle along the upper part of the park without steep slopes. The overall length of the route – 2,400 meters. There are information stands along the route, which mark your location and basic landmarks as well as directions.



Expocenter of Ukraine and Holosiiivskyi Park

Surface: tracks, blacktop, soil

Terrain: plain, which can be mixed with hills of various height

This is the runner’s heaven. Huge space with good surface and terrain for any taste. You can use the main tracks or use trails. The territory makes it possible to run an actual marathon. If you run down the trails, you can hear dried sticks crushing under your feet. The magic of this location is that it makes you feel like you are deep in the woods far from the city. Afterall, just like the Expocenter of Ukraine, the Holosiivksyi Park slowly leave Kyiv for the wood with trails taking you to Pyrohovo and Kytaievo. Leave your earphones home and just listen to the songs of the birds. The Expocenter of Ukraine has bikes for rent and a swimming pool. There is also a classic 5 km circular route at the Expocenter of Ukraine – it is leveled and paved with asphalt, going across the territory of the Expocenter all the way to the forest. There you can do test runs or even plan longer training sessions.

Experienced runners and marathon runners love these locations because the vast territory makes it possible to map a 42 km route with constantly changing views. The place is also popular with trail and mountain runners since it has the biggest number of hills.



Rusanivska Embankment and Telbin Lake

Surface: blacktop, tracks, sand

Terrain: plain

Running along the body of water is especially pleasant. This route includes two bodies of water – Rusanivskyi Channel and the Telbin Lake. You can run around the lake (the track around the lake is 2 km long and has special surface) or move on to Rusanivskyi Channel and enjoy the famous fountains.


Park Partyzanskoii Slavy

Surface: blacktop, tracks, soil

Terrain: plain

This route is also called “Health trail”, and the name itself draws you to this route. There is the main road going through the whole park with various trails on both sides. The road ends in the wood. The terrain is mostly plain, so you can do long-distance running here.


Druzhby Narodiv Park

Surface: blacktop, soil

Terrain: mostly plain

The locations is perfect for being away from the business part of the city and there is almost no people during the day. You can meet fellow athletes or people on vacation there. There are lots of water sports bases, so you can even try out wakeboarding after the run. Besides, if you are training for a triathlon, you can rent a bike here and have a mini Iron Man challenge. The surface sometimes switches to sand, so be prepared for additional load.


Fomin Botanical Garden and Shevchenka Park

Surface: blacktop

Terrain: mountainous

One of the downtown locations. It is perfect for morning and evening jogs. During the day the place is filled with people and active traffic. On weekends, when the weather is nice, there are yoga classes in the park, so you can include meditation in your workout.  

Running on a regular basis and following the recommendations of your coach, you can easily prepare for your first 5 km in a month or two. If you are training without a coach, carefully monitor your health and listen to your body. Meanwhile, follow the link and register for the 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon. Make sure to check the “Plan your race” tab on the website to be well prepared.