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Top 10 Mistakes Newbies Make While Running


Running is perhaps the easiest and most accessible sport. Everyone can do it, regardless of gender, age, and professional field. It does not require special equipment – a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers are enough. You can run anywhere – from specially equipped trails to parks and sidewalks of the city.


On the 7th of October Kyiv will host the grandiose 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon. More than 10 thousand professional and amateur runners will go into the streets of Kyiv. Registration for all courses is already open, and the number of participants is increasing day by day. And this is not a surprise, because participation is available to anyone, because you can choose a course of basically any length based on your level of training. Naturally, proper preparation for the race becomes a priority, especially for the newcomers, as we want the race to be enjoyable.


In order to have effective and, most importantly, safe training sessions, running, as any sport, requires observance of certain rules – then you will be able to move forward with satisfaction. We looked at the 10 major mistakes made by newcomers who decide to run in the morning or in the evening.


Mistake # 1: Excessive load

Many beginners consider it not serious to run short distances. Having already taken up the sport, they think it is necessary to overcome, at least, a half-marathon distance. They force themselves to run a little further, then again, overloading their poor body with incredible loads, and as a result, then they need to take a sick leave, because it inevitably ends with fatigue, muscle pain, strained tendons that swell and get damaged, and disappointment in running itself. Excess training is the shortest path to injury. Therefore, increase the load gradually. Soon your body will get used to it and become more durable, and the muscles and ligaments will become stronger. Do not neglect rest and walking – give the muscles time to recover.


Mistake # 2: High tempo

The desire to take a sharp start, be the first and make an impression of a professional runner is very tempting. And this is understandable, especially if you are training next to experienced athletes and you really don’t want to lose your face in front of them. But at such a pace you can only run as far as injuries. Take a light pace that allows you to keep your breathing at a good level and calmly talk during a run, or alternate jogging and walking. Keep your heart rate within 120 beats per minute. Such jogging will not only be pleasant, but also more productive – you will soon recover from the workout and would not lose the joy of running. Do not go for speed and results – then you can achieve more. And never do anything despite pain! Give your body enough rest, otherwise unpleasant feelings can only get worse.


Mistake # 3: No Warm Up

Getting up straight from behind your desk and running a few kilometers is not a very good idea. Warm-up is a very important element of the race, which is why we were taught this at school at physical education classes. Especially if you do it in the morning, let your body wake up before you start. You can start from circular movements with your head, do some squats, swing your legs and arms, work your ankles, kick your knees. Then walk at a fast pace for 100-200 meters, and your body will thank you a lot. Do not forget stretch after jogging – it will improve blood circulation of the muscles and elasticity of the ligaments.


Mistake # 4: Using a new outfit

For many runners a new jogging top or leggings or stylish sneakers become an additional stimulus and inspiration for jogging. And how greatly are the amateur runners disappointed when in practice it turns out that the tank top leaves a sore on the body after the run because of a bad seam and the feet are uncomfortable in the fashionable sneakers. Therefore, first you should check your ammunition during running or walking on short distances. This will help you to gradually take a new pair and feel that this sportswear is right for you. Too tight or vice versa – too loose clothing can also add a lot of inconvenience. In the summer, prefer light-color clothing.


Mistake # 5: Running on your heel

The newbies usually think that it is easier and more natural to run on your heel. They take wide steps and land directly on the heel. And this is a severe blow to the heel itself and the knees! With such a run, especially on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete, you greatly increase the risk of injuries! That’s how many runners get inflammation of the periosteum. It is necessary to find a coach and work on the technique of running under his guidance. However, it is quite possible to train yourself out of such a manner. The same goes for too wide steps and wrong position of hands, when the amateur runners swing them from side to side too much.


Mistake # 6: Eating whatever I want

The fruits of your efforts during training largely depend on proper nutrition. Thoughtless consumption of food before running threatens discomfort, pain in the sides and shortness of breath, and finally – zero result from running. Therefore do not eat later than 1,5-2 hours before the training session and consciously approach to the choice of products. Immediately say “no” to fat, sweet and hot food and replace it with fruits, vegetables, proteins and complex carbohydrates. Limit salt intake. Include eggs, bananas, oatmeal, beans, lean meat and fish in your diet and do not forget to maintain water balance.


Mistake # 7: Not eating after training

This is another popular mistake. Recovery and nutrition are the most important parts of the training process. The process of burning fat occurs when there is an optimal deficit of calories. If you set to lose weight, train, eat a balanced diet while consuming less calories a day than you spend, you can eat after a workout. So the body recovers faster and always has strength for the next training.


Mistake # 8: Dehydration

Many runners underestimate the extent of fluid loss during the run and drink too little during training. As a result, they suffer from dehydration and lose their effectiveness, besides, they risk getting a heat stroke or kidney problems. Drink a glass of water, kefir or unsweetened juice 30-60 minutes before the run. During the run, take small sips of water every time you feel thirsty. On average, it is recommended to do a few sips every 20 minutes.


Mistake # 9: Dressing too warm for winter jogging

… and then carrying a jacket in your hands and getting sick. Dressing for a run in winter or late autumn, you need to take into account the multilayer principle. The more thin layers you have, the warmer it is. Dressing for a run in the cold season, use the “cabbage” principle: the first layer – something that absorbs moisture well, the second – shorts and sweater from the proper fabric, the third – protection from wind and bad weather (windbreaker, waterproof light jacket). It is very important to dress so that you do not freeze and not overheat.


Mistake # 10: Wearing sneakers thin

Even if you are not going to become a marathon runner and “conquer” lengthy distances, do not stingy and buy special running shoes. Old worn sneakers will not do as they can only bring muscle pain and joint dislocation. Running shoes for running should have a thick sole, good amortization and keep the foot securely fixed. Please note that during the run, the foot slightly increases in size, so choose shoes with a small margin, but so that the sneakers would not feel loose.

The resource of sneakers, according to various estimates, ranges from 500 to 1000-1200 kilometers. Remember that, and if you think it’s time to upgrade your favorite sneakers due to the fact that you started to feel discomfort, feel free to go to the store.


Running is a process that needs to be loved not only on the physical, but also on the psycho-emotional level, then jogging will be fruitful, joyful and most useful. And overcoming the chosen distance within The 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon also gives you only positive emotions, unforgettable impressions and interesting meetings with like-minded people.