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Sports massage is an important component of training


We hope each of you is already busy preparing for the 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon, which will be held on October 7th.

Constantly training, increasing your pace and load, it is important to remember about rest and restoration of physical potential as components of your preparation.

That is why many experts recommend to include sports massage in the marathon training plan as a necessary means of relaxation, energy balancing and restoration of muscular structure.


Sports massage increase effectiveness

Everyone knows what heavy legs and cramps in calves and hips feel like. Sore shaky legs with new kilometers of training ahead of you. All these unpleasant symptoms can be eliminated if you regularly get massage.

Massage helps to relieve tension, fills tissues with oxygen and improves blood circulation. With the help of massage, lactic acid is excreted, and the muscle cells increase the number of mitochondria that generate cell energy and thus their “repair” improves.

Sports massage softens the knots, relieves tension in muscle fibers. Different methods of pressing on the foot, the achilles tendon and trigger points on the lower limbs will help you get rid of spasms, microtraumas, feeling of stiffness. Also, the risk of muscle scarring decreases .


Relaxation and recovery

After intense running, your body muscles need relaxation.There are special techniques of relaxing massage, which restore tissue nourishment, improves blood supply, make your muscles flexible and elastic.

The procedure of a relaxing massage is usually painless, and sometimes even pleasant, as the massager can use special oils and creams. Agree, what could be better after a tedious run, than easy rubbing and soothing of tense muscles?When completing training with such a massage, you not only get rid of fatigue, but also provide for the quickest recovery until the next training.


You can do it yourself

It is best to do sports massage with a professional or in a specialized salon. But do not worry if you do not have such a specialist. You can do all the necessary manipulations yourself.

To do this, you need to place your feet in a bath or in some kind of vessel with warm water and a handful of sea salt . Next massage the calves and Achilles tendons, rub your ankles and hips.

It’s great if you have a rubber ball or roller to roll your body and limbs onto it. On the roller, you can also massage the lower back, legs, shoulders, arms and even the back of the neck.


If it hurts

Sometimes massage may be pretty intense, accompanied by painful feelings. This indicates strong tension and muscle cramps. Massage helps to remove the upper layers of stress accumulated in the body, triggers lymph circulation and blood circulation, stimulates the body to self-recovery.

“Massage is a great opportunity to relieve emotional, moral and physical stress. Stop for a moment and trust the masseur. The body expresses itself through injury, pain or some kind of displacement. This is the “tip of the iceberg”, the “red sos button”. Regular massage (at least once a week) helps to relieve stress in the body from the very beginning. Thanks to this approach, you simply don’t leave pain any chances”- said Inna Katunina, founder of the Massage Patrol.

“When I decided to study to become a masseuse, I did not plan to “hurt people”. During training in practical classes we trained on each other, therefore from my own experience I can draw a conclusion: if it hurts, it is effective”, – said Inna.

The specialist also noted that you should not expect instantaneous effect of massage. “The recovery process does not end at the end of the session. This is just the beginning. Within three days you can watch yourself, watch how your body feels as the process continues. “


Massage on the day of the race

Massage Patrol specialist specializing in all types of massages will be there for you at the 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon to help you restore your body and spirit. Massage professionals recommend to warm up before you start on the course, and after the finish anyone can experience the skillful hands of masseurs. They will rub your body, help you get rid of stresses accumulated over the distance, help eliminate lactic acid and save you from possible cramps!

So, we recommend that you do not neglect this recovery tool. The 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon is waiting for you, and perhaps the sport massage will be the main factor in your rapid take-off to the championship.