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Details of offline races of Run Ukraine during the quarantine restrictions

Attention! Updated rules for Run Ukraine events in case of a yellow or orange quarantine zone 


UPD: The government has officially allowed mass sports events!

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has implemented adaptive quarantine restrictions in Ukraine. Starting on February 24, there will be four levels of epidemiological risk, depending on the level, certain restrictive measures will be imposed. 

According to the resolution, there are four levels of epidemiological risk: green, yellow, orange, and red.

According to the terms of the adaptive quarantine, during the yellow and orange levels of epidemiological risk, mass sports events are allowed provided there is 4 sq. meters per person or the room occupancy is up to 50%.

Run Ukraine sports events will be organized outdoors in compliance with these requirements.


The current situation makes us come up with new rules for mass sports events. That is why the Mass Sports Association of Ukraine, of which Run Ukraine is a member, has developed rules for competitions during quarantine restrictions. These rules have been endorsed by the Committee on Education and Science, Family, Youth, and Sport, and this will make it possible for sports competitions to be held offline while ensuring the safety of participants. 

Today we will tell you about the changes in the way Run Ukraine organizes races in order for the events of the Ukrainian Majors Running League to be held offline during the quarantine. 



As usual, registration for the Run Ukraine races takes place online. The slots can only be purchase on the official event website. There is no human interaction at this stage. 



Starter packs are distributed at the Expo on the eve of the event. The organizers will thoroughly regulate the number of people who can be in the hall and in the starter pack distribution zone simultaneously. 

Each Expo visitor will go through body temperature screening before entering the facility. 

Each visitor will be required to wear a mask indoors and the organizers will make sure they follow this rule. 

There will be hand sanitizing zones at the Expo

All Expo staff interacting with participants will also go through temperature screening and will be required to wear personal protective equipment (face masks and gloves). 

A participant may choose not to go to the Expo and request the starter pack to be mailed via Nova Poshta (this is a paid service, it can be ordered in the Run Ukraine store).



The organizers will include a face mask in the participant’s starter packs.

Participants will be admitted to the Race Village, changing rooms, luggage storage rooms, and starting blocks only upon passing the temperature screening and provided they wear face masks

The organizers will also monitor the number of people using changing rooms at the same time. 

The Race Village will have hand sanitizing zones and special places for disposal of used masks and personal care products. 

The starting blocks — a place for the short-term gathering of a limited number of participants immediately before the start — will be closed. Participants will be admitted only in groups according to the allowed number of people. For races with up to 1000 participants, 100 people can be admitted to the starting block, for races with over 1000 participants — 200 people.

The organizers will provide temporary marks to make sure the participants keep the minimum distance of 1.5 m. The participants will be starting the race in columns.

The start of each course will be organized in waves of 100 participants (for races with up to 1000 participants) or 200 participants (for races with over 1000 participants). 

The number of participants starting at the same time in one wave will depend on the width of the starting arch (3, 4, or 5 people). Other participants of this wave will stand in columns keeping a minimal distance of 1.5 m. They will take turns approaching the starting line. The waiting time spent in the starting block will not be included in the participant’s time since the chronometer will be started upon crossing the starting line. 

There will be a 10-second pause between the waves. The first wave of participants will be admitted to the starting block (100 or 200 participants). They will take turns starting the race. Once all participants of the first wave start the race, the organizers will close the starting block for 10 seconds and then will open it for the second wave (the next 100 or 200 participants). 

Participants in the starting block must wear face masks and can take them off only after crossing the starting line and starting the race. 

Please, notice that it is impossible to organize pacemaker assistance when starting in waves, that is why there will be no pacemakers.



The organizers will provide contactless distribution of food and drinks on the route. That is, water will be poured into individual cups and left on the table. The participant who wants a drink of water needs to slow down and take the cup with water on his own.

The same with food. All food will be put in individual cups. The participant who wants to get some food needs to slow down and take a portion of food on his own.

That is, there will be no handing out of water and food by volunteers. 



A participant must pick up his/her medal from the table. Volunteers will not be hanging medals on the necks of participants.

Also, participants will need to pick up their finisher packs on their own. 

Upon crossing the finish line, participants enter the finish zone where they have a few minutes to have a drink of water and catch a breath, then they must put on a face mask and move on to the starting zone. 

The organizers will give each participant another face mask after finishing the race. 

There will be information stands in the Rae Village with the rules and recommendations to the participants. 


We have a few requests for our participants: