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Updated rules for Run Ukraine events in case of a yellow or orange quarantine zone

Dear friends, we have an important update regarding mass sports events organized by Run Ukraine in case of a yellow or orange quarantine zone. According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regarding adaptive quarantine, mass sports events are allowed in case of a yellow or orange level of epidemic danger.


Run Ukraine has updated the event rules for this fall season: in case of a yellow or orange quarantine zone, all events will be taking place offline.


Anyone would be able to participate in these events. Those who have a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test, or a certificate that confirms recovery from COVID will be given a green wristband. Those who do not meet these criteria will be given a yellow wristband and will be asked to adhere to specific rules during the event..


Participants with a green wristband will have a mass start, while those with a yellow wristband will start in groups with a 3-second interval.


At SportExpo, before receiving the starter pack, a participant will be asked to present the COVID19 vaccination certificate or certificate that confirms recovery from COVID (issued not earlier than 180 days before the race) or a negative PCR-test (valid for not more than 72 hours).


The Run Ukraine team as well as all staff involved in SportExpo or the event itself will also certify for the green wristbands and will have a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR-test, or a certificate that confirms recovery from COVID.


Starter pack distribution


Before handing out the starter pack, the volunteers will check for the wristband: each participant will have a wristband of green or yellow color with special marks.


The green wristband can be obtained by those who:


Yellow wristbands will be given to those who have none of the above.


If a participant doesn’t want to attend Expo, they may ask for their starter pack to be delivered using Nova Poshta services (a paid service that may be purchased in the Run Ukraine store). All participants who order delivery via Nova Poshta will automatically receive a yellow wristband and will have to start the race in waves.


According to the Government resolution, Ukrainian COVID-certificate will verify not only COVID vaccination. 


The certificate may verify:


Ukrainian COVID-certificate will include the following information:


The Diia app will also include the photo of the certificate holder from the Unified State Demographic Register.


Validity of COVID-certificates:


Day of the race


All participants must wear masks to access Race Village, changing rooms, luggage storage, and the starting block. The Organizers will include a mask in the starter pack, and participants must wear masks in the starting block and may take them off only after crossing the starting line and starting the course. 


Please, notice! The 12th WIZZ AIR KYIV CITY MARATHON 2021, which will take place on October 23-24, will be held according to the updated rules. Participants may also choose to participate in the event online.


Take care! See you at the starting line!