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Fundraising Marathon


To do something good, you don’t need to wait for tomorrow – start today!


The Run Ukraine company, the organizer of the 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon, Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace and the Charity Fund “Tabletochki” invite you to join the initiative – Fundraising Marathon, which will take place for the tenth time and which would be raising funds for 15 projects from different funds and organizations.


To join fundraising, take three simple steps:

  1. Choose a charity fund.
  2. Fund the fundraiser you like.
  3. Make a donation using the platforms of Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace or  CF “Tabletochki”


The fundraising will take place from September 11 through October 12.

Happy Paw


Everybody Can

The Happy Paw Charity Foundation since 2012 has been implementing many social projects, helping shelters all over the country, and teaching pupils to be responsible to the animals. We want helping to build booths for “Lada” in the Donetsk region. It’s will enable to provide a hideout for dogs that got there from the combat zone, to protect them from the fall rains and cold winters, and to solve the problem of lack of places on the territory.


  1. TV Channel “112.Ukraine”
  2. Olha Spektor
  3. Rudolf Kraievskyi
  4. “”


Since 2009, charitable foundation “Pomogaem” , besides helping children with severe illness, provides comprehensive support to families who have taken up the education of an orphan or a child deprived of parental care. We want this marathon to help us realize children’s dreams!


  1. Kseniia Foshchii
  2. Oleksandr Sokolenko
  3. Anna Kaplun
  4. Oleksandra Hryshyna
“Everybody Can” Fund protects the interests of children with disabilities who have suffered from the war. Fundraisers will run a half marathon to help 9 children diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Let’s support the kids together!


  1. Kateryna Shumeiko
  2. Lesia Firsanova
  3. Ilona Didenko
  4. Illia Ershenhoren
  5. Nataliia Siedova
  6. “Everybody Can”
City of Happy Children

Educational and Rehabilitation Center “Dzherelo”

Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace

Wards of the Center for orphans needs to be provided with communal services, so that in their big house there has always been light, water and warmth. Each of you can help to make the lives of the disadvantaged children even better, giving the opportunity a complete home comfort.


We provide rehabilitation and full-fledged life to families with children with disabilities. The funds collected during the fundraising marathon will be used for refueling of specially equipped minibuses for the comfortable transportation of children and youth with disabilities. More than 100 children from different corners of Lviv will be able to use the Dzherelo Center transport program for going to class and home, as well as enjoy the outdoors, camps and festivals in the warmer months of the year.


  1. Yana Kazarina
  2. Zoreslava Lulchak
  3. Liuda Toropova
  4. Volodymyr Naidiuk
  5. Mariia Mostova
  6. Anastasiia Hudyma

We are still runners, but we will run a distance on the Kiev marathon to save the life of the 8-year-old Marina, who lives with a heart defect. We collect money for the purchase of an occluder for her, and we believe that, thanks to us, she will become healthy!



Open palms


Zaporuka Foundation team will run for Dacha.
Dacha is the only center in Ukraine where children from all over the country live together with their families during and after cancer treatment and it contributes to their faster recovery. At the same time, 6 families live in the house but in reality 15 need our help. For 8 years Dacha hosted over 1000 children for free!
The goal of each team is to add their brick to the construction of a new Dacha that will give accommodation to everyone who needs it.


  1. “Parent Invasion”
  2. “Gang of Goodness”
  3. Junior Moraes
  4. Yuliia Shpachynska
  5. collective “Dobrobut”
The Open Palms Foundation collects funds for constant gifts for children undergoing cancer treatment. Let us help them get back to childhood.
Run for the roses to breathe!Fundraising:

    1. “Hospital Clowns”
    2. “Ruslan and his Team”
    3. Lidia

NGO “Vidchui” collects funds for organizing and conducting the “Vidchui” Teen Club for hearing impaired youth.


  1. Lina Deshvar
  2. Anastasiia Fed-Titova
  3. Dasha Liubimova
  4. Artem Pivovarov
  5. Yevhen Vialikanov
Down Syndrome

Father’s House

Kids autism

We want to support families caring for babies with Down Syndrome under 3 years of age, including through group classes with a psychologist and individual sessions with physio- and kinesiotherapist. It is important that after a ‘special’ child is born specialists could help parents restore positive outlook.


  1. Oleksandr Ellert
  2. Volodymyr Holiiad
  3. Dania Horpechenko
  4. Denys Muradov
  5. Eldar Kabirov
  6. Natalia Hetmanova
  7. Hryhorii Sunzhuk
Orphans need to feel like ordinary children from your neighborhood. They were not lucky with their parents and that is all their fault. They dream of a sports career and record Olympic achievements for proud by their friends, teachers and all Ukraine
We run marathon to have opportunity to build for orphanage “Father’s House” their own sports playground, so they will play and grow physically.
Become a part of Big Family of Father’s House!Fundraising:

  1. Volodymyr Horianskyi
  2. Dasha Malakhova
  3. Roman Korniiko
  4. Olena Kravets
  5. Oleh Kukaiev
Children of the project Kids Autism Game will run their 13th children’s ride for the sake of special babies of Ukraine. For special children sports lessons are very important, as a factor of socialization. They should learn to be team members, to act in a cohort, to understand simple things like patience, endurance, tolerance, non-aggression, systematic and order. In this run, the project collects funds for sports equipment, training and certification of trainers in 5 cities of Ukraine.


Happy and healthy childhood

We run to raise funds to help children in the Melitopol regional center for social and psychological rehabilitation. Our help is a training to prevent violence in the children’s environment


  1. Viacheslav Zyrianov