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Run Ukraine launches a charity initiative RUN WITH UKRAINE virtual race

Run Ukraine team launches a charity initiative RUN WITH UKRAINE, a virtual race to support Ukraine and contribute to world peace. It started on March 24, 2022 all over the world.

The Run Ukraine team is deeply concerned about the fate of our country and its citizens, because we are also part of Ukraine. RUN WITH UKRAINE race was created to support affected people of our country get through the difficult times caused by Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are sure that we can only achieve global peace by uniting all together around the world. Everyone matters, everyone can contribute, everyone can help. 


By registering and participating in the race, you are making a charity donation. 70% of all funds raised will be donated to help the affected people and to rebuild Ukraine.

Also, if you do not want to run, but want to help, you can buy a certificate for donation in Run Ukraine online-shop.


We want to unite the running community and caring people around the world. We invite everyone to join the initiative, run the chosen distance and make a contribution to world peace. Our common goal is to run a total of 6993 kilometers and more. This is the total length of Ukraine’s state border, which means the unity and integrity of Ukraine!


The following distances are available:

Choose your distance


Project RUN WITH UKRAINE has already raised 126,800 hryvnias, and our participants have covered 1914 km in just eleven days from the start.


Runners from Australia, Italy, France, Britain, the USA, Switzerland, Estonia, Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Austria, Finland and even China and Algeria also took an active part in the RUN WITH UKRAINE event. The whole world supports Ukraine!


Let’s run 6 993 km for peace together! 💙💛