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Certificate of health

According to the Rules of Run Ukraine 2019 , medical documents are required only for the courses 21.097 km.

For citizens of Ukraine:

Each participant must have a certificate of health valid at the time of the Race or accident insurance which MUST cover participation in sports competitions and MUST have athletics specified as the type of sport.

The certificate of health can be obtained from any clinics, hospital or health center.

Accident insurance covering participation in sports competitions on the day of the Race is included in the starting package.

The certificate of health must state that the participant may be admitted to the Race to the course of his/her choice. The certificate must have the signature and seal of the doctor, the seal of the medical institution issuing the certificate.

It is important! The copy of the certificate of health or insurance may be submitted only upon presentation of the original. Certificates of health will not be returned.

Citizens of other countries must provide accident insurance (REQUIRED) which covers participation in sports competitions and must have athletics specified as the type of sport. Certificate of health is not required.

Certificate of health is not required for the following courses:

All registered participants bear sole responsibility for their health and life during the race and sign a corresponding statement.

The Organizing Committee insists that all participants should be very careful and go through sports medical examination no matter the course.

PLEASE, NOTICE! Participants without the certificate of health or medical insurance will not be admitted to the Race.