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Team of pacemakers

Marathon is a complex course that can be conquered only by the most courageous and persistent ones. Over one thousand runners from all over Ukraine will be trying themselves on the marathon course of the 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon


A pacemaker is an experienced runner who comes to the course along with the rest of the participants, but his/her main task is setting the optimal running pace that would help participants come to the finish line in the set time.



Meet the team of pacemakers:

Pacemakers 02:59


Oleksandr Okseniuk


Wish to the participants:

“I wish all participants to get maximum satisfaction from the most challenging course of Kyiv marathon. Have a successful finish!”

Volodymyr Khanas


Wish to the participants:

You don’t get dreams for no reason! It is not enough to just want something! You need to do something and understand that you would need to work long and hard, you would need to sacrifice something, give something up, overcome yourself. My advice is – never give up! Endurance is a quality of a leader. If you give up even once, it may become a habit in the future. Improve yourself and persist until you succeed. And never leave it till tomorrow if you can do it today! P.S. This year (on March 18, 2018) I was able to improve my personal marathon record at the 9th Odesa marathon. It was my 13th marathon, and my personal record is 2:41:06


Pacemakers 03:14

Ivan Hlyva


Wish to the participants:

Love running, and people will love you

Serhii Hodyna


Wish to the participants:

Believe in yourself and your abilities. You can do more than you think! Enjoy the race! Wishing you victories over yourself and new records!

Pacemakers 03:29

Oleksandr Mozhovyi


Wish to the participants:

May your sports results be excellent, but never stop on your achievements, long for new victories, make your dreams come true. Good luck!

Artem Dendeliev


Wish to the participants:

Assess your abilities, and we will help you use your energy evenly)


Pacemakers 03:44

Yurii Stankevych


Wish to the participants:

Wishing all participants of the Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon 2018 to enjoy the race! Every training session adds to your marathon result. I wish you to be surprised by the abilities of your body!

Oleksandr Arziaiev


Wish to the participants:

Run to enjoy moving throughout your life!

Pacemakers 03:59

Roman Pichurin


Wish to the participants:

A marathon starts after the 30 km… Catch the buzz from the race and get lots of good emotions!

Dmytro Kerbut


Wish to the participants:
All fears and limitations are only in our heads. Do not be afraid to take the first step. Running is life.

Pacemakers 04:14

Ihor Oleksiienko


Wish to the participants:

You are better than you think. You can more than it appears. Resolve not to give up.

Oleksandr Holovchenko


Wish to the participants:

Marathon is a serious challenge to your body, so even if you think that you are ready, think again, have you been running for a long time? Overcoming a marathon distance requires thorough preparation. On average, start planning your marathon after you have been running for 1-2 years. It is not a set time period, it depends on your level of training, health, age, weight etc. Remember that if you do something to your body just to win a bet, you may end up with really bad consequences. Preparing for a marathon is more than just running. Good abs, strong arms and back – you also need all of this. Basically, you must understand that running is not just about your legs, it’s about all muscles of your body. While some muscles must always be tense (torso), others work in the “tense-relaxed” mode. Doing power exercises in the run-specific mode would help you feel less tired and avoid unnecessary trauma.

Pacemakers: 04:29

Stanislav Yerko


Wish to the participants:

Keep calm and run your marathon. If this is your first marathon, do not worry about the time, you will definitely improve it during your second marathon. If this is not your first marathon, do not worry – it is not your last one. Run the course according to your level of training and do not harm your body!

Andrii Usenko


Wish to the participants:

Do not forget to enjoy running!

How to choose your pacemaker:

  1. Choose your proper pace.

The task of a pacemaker is to maintain the proper pace throughout the whole race. But the runners must properly assess their level of training. “Do not make a mistake when choosing your pace”, – repeats Dominique Chauvelier, the bronze winner of the Championship of Europe in 1990. Consult a coach before the race as to your physical shape and abilities.

  1. Before the race

Traditionally, the Kyiv marathon will have two pacemakers for each pace. Pacemakers will accompany runners to finish in 2:59, 3:14, 3:29 3:44, 3:59, 4:14 and 4:29. You will easily recognize them in the starting block – they will have banners with the finishing time behind their backs. “When you enter the starting block, find them right away”, recommends Dominique Chauvelier, the legend of the French marathon. “Do not panic. You do not need to hold tight to them – they will not fly away!”

  1. Choose a proper pace

Find the pacemaker with a flag right from the start and keep him in your sight staying about 20-30 meters behind. Try not to get behind as it always takes more effort to catch up and this might hinder your result. During the first few kilometers make sure that this is the pace you can maintain. And then just follow your pacemaker, remember about hydration and just enjoy running.

  1. If the pace is too fast…

It is quite possible that almost right from the start you realize that the pace is too fast for you. “Do not waste your time”, warns Dominique Chauvelier, four-time French marathon winner. “If you start getting behind, slow down and get to your perfect pace.” It is better to finish on your own or along with other runners. «Chauchau» jokes: “Don’t wait for half an hour until another pacemaker comes along!”

  1. If it’s (really) too easy

Sometimes your legs are in a better shape than you thought, so the pace of your pacemaker may seem too slow. Should you increase the pace? “Yes, you can do it”, says Dominique Chauvelier. “But make sure that you don’t do it too early in the race.” Afterall, a pacemaker is the perfect metronome. He can teach you to manage your energy, especially if you are not a very experienced marathon runner. Usually, the best advice is to follow the set pace.