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Running Alone or in a Running Club?Stories of Personal Records (Part 1)


Do you know how many people want to start running, but are not brave enough to start? We are convinced that there are many of them, but there are even more excuses. Sneaky laziness, desire to sleep in the morning, lack of “extra” time, lack of company for jogging, pessimistic mood or the banal deficit of “special” running shoes on the shelves of stores (we’re kidding, of course) are all excuses that prevent us from the desired satisfaction.


“If you want, you look for opportunities, if you don’t – you look for excuses.” – a phrase that can be applied to any situation, but today we will talk about running – a theme that unites all of us. Besides, on October 7, Kyiv will host the 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon, where many athletes will test their strength and endurance on the way to new personal records.

In the first part, we will tell the stories of athletes who chose training in running clubs and why they value teamwork above all else.


Iryna Lishchynska, the silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Beijing and the World Championship in running 1500 m, coach of the running club Run Base, experience in running 30 years


How did you start running?

From my childhood I was a very active child. I went to various sections and clubs that were available in the area where I lived. I was interested in everything. However, I did not stay anywhere for a long period of time, I was looking for something I would love. I had a great physical education teacher at school, who had incredible personal and professional qualities. He noticed my athletic ability and included me in the school team for athletics competitions, where he introduced me to my first coach, I was 12 years old. Since then, my life is forever connected with running and athletics, which I still love with all my heart. But back then I did not know about it yet.) I did not miss any training sessions, it was that interesting and easy for me.


Over time, I developed a sense of responsibility, discipline, regime and endurance. Running has helped me develop and enhance my innate qualities and get new ones. Running has taught me to be myself and achieve my goals, win, despite the titles of my rivals. Since I was a very shy baby from my childhood, I could be myself in sport, and I liked it. The results came very fast, and at the age of 15 I already got to the junior team of the country. Much later, after the age of 21, I had a dream – a medal of the Olympic Games and the World Championship, as well as run a circle of honor with the national flag of Ukraine. At first, it seemed to me to be an unrealistic dream, but hard work, faith in myself and my strength, dedication and strong motivation helped me do it.


Now running for me it is not chasing after the result and realization of goals. Running for me is the time to be with myself, to organize my thoughts, emotions and distract myself from the surrounding hustle and bustle. Basically I like to run alone or with close people. Running helps me to charge my internal batteries and be in harmony with myself when I do not need to prove anything to anyone, but do it out of love. This is a way to get endorphins and maintain a high quality of life, this is love for life. This is a landmark and an example for my children.


What are the benefits of training in a running club?

If you are an amateur, I would recommend training with a running club. Now there is a lot of information on the Internet that is quite controversial, it not only does not help but may also harm. It may be boring to run by yourself, you may have no one to ask for advice on the techniques and methods of running. A person has a lot of questions: what to wear for a run, when to run, how often, how fast and how much to run, how to breathe, to eat, to drink liquid, to recover, how to run right? In order not to make mistakes, it is better to immediately go to a professional coach at a running club. You will get answers to all your questions, you will be able to master the economically correct technique of running, special running and other exercises, get a training plan under the control of a professional coach for different levels of training, and meet more like-minded people.


5 tips:

– find a coach;

– keep trainings regular;

– gradual load/recovery;

– start training in advance, not a few months before the race;

– buy a watch with a chest sensor and find running shoes.


Maria Golub, the captain of the running club “adidas Runners Kyiv”, SMM manager, dancer in Dreams Ballet, running experience 5 years


How did you start running?

It’s hard to remember what was the root cause of running – whether it was a “break” from dance rehearsals , whether it was a desire after reading books about the benefits of running for health and mind, or I was inspired by people who were running. I started running 5 years ago and am happy that last year I became the captain of the adidas Runners Kyiv running community, now my workouts are regular. Feeling of freedom and ease while running, inexpressible feelings after jogging and communicating with the team, as well as the desire to improve is something that gives me energy and motivation on the way to my goal. Beautiful legs and slender body is a nice bonus and my additional reason to put on running shoes every time.


What are the benefits of running in a running club?

Workouts are more productive and fun in the company of like-minded people. I love people, I like to be among active, benevolent and positive athletes who share my love for running. At the training, you meet interesting people and find new friends with whom it is interesting to spend time together, so thoughts or reason not to go to workout disappear on their own.


3 tips:

– regularly go through with the planned training, listen to the advice of the coaches. If you suddenly miss a workout, do not get upset, but just keep on doing.

– take time to prepare details and choose the right equipment – outfit, socks, comfortable running shoes, extra food (if necessary), favorite playlist, company of like-minded people, etc.

– relax, tune in to the result and enjoy each workout.


In the second part, we will share stories of athletes who train independently, but manage to run ultramarathons, they run over 200 km per month and celebrate their birthdays on marathons.